Liam Miller
I cannot say enough about the utility of this family-owned business. I previously patronized one of those behemoths of a tax preparation firm, and all they did was use me like a human ATM. I was initially charged $305 to prepare my taxes, and every subsequent year the tax prepare added $5 to the fee. I am not a real estate mogul, and I do not have any investment portfolios to speak of, so I don't know why I was being charged so much. When my coworkers became aghast at the amount of money that I was paying for tax preparation and suggested that I should find another tax preparer, I decided that I would make a change. On February 4, 2020, I walked into Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions because of a special offer for new clients, and I have no intention of looking back. I met with Chanda, who was very pleasant, courteous and professional. She not only educated me about why I received the amount that I received, but after the transaction was completed, she expressed gratitude for my patronage. The cost for preparing my taxes was very reasonable, and the transaction was completed in a very timely manner. I know that human beings can be creatures of habit, but I am sure that when I tell the whole neighborhood about the low cost and quality service that I received, they are going to fire their accountant. Thank you Chanda! I did not mean to be long winded, but I am truly a grateful customer.