Liam Miller

Tax Preparation Service Review

I cannot say enough about the utility of this local family-owned business in the Brainerd Lakes Area. When I walked in I was greeted like someone that has known me for years, I was offered coffee and a snack from there coffee bar. Anyway, I previously patronized one of those big box stores for my tax preparation and for our firm, and all they did was use me like a human ATM. I was initially charged $305 to prepare my taxes, and every subsequent year the tax prepare added $5 to the fee. I am not a real estate mogul, and I do not have any investment portfolios to speak of, so I don't know why I was being charged so much. When my coworkers became aghast at the amount of money that I was paying for tax preparation and they suggested that I should find another tax preparer, I decided that I would make a change and I am glad I did. On February 4th, I walked into Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions because of a special offer for new clients, and I have no intention of looking back. I met with Chanda, who was very pleasant, courteous and professional in every way. She not only educated me about why I received the amount that I received, but after the transaction was completed, she expressed gratitude for my patronage. The cost for preparing my taxes was very reasonable, and the transaction was completed in a very timely manner. I know that human beings can be creatures of habit, but I am sure that when I tell the whole neighborhood about the low cost and quality service that I received, they are going to fire their accountant. There is no need to pay these outrageous prices the firms ask for when you can pay less and receive better service and higher returns. Thank you Chanda! You are a highly professional tax service with great staff. I love working with you. I will be back next year, I wish everyone knew they don't have to pay a arm and a leg for the best service in town. Come check them out. I highly recommend them to everyone in the Brainerd Lakes Area. I had a great experience with Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions all my questions were answered and the whole process went very smooth. I did not mean to be long winded, but I am truly a grateful customer. If your looking for friendly, honest and hard working tax preparation service, do not look any farther than Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions.
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