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Terming payroll management the backbone of an organization would not be an exaggeration. Apart from redressing the grievances of employees conveniently, it also reduces overheads and improves overall productivity. Above all, the professional bookkeeping and payroll services help businesses in Brainerd lakes and the Minneapolis metro area with customer service of complicated federal income taxes, payroll taxes and tax forms which eventually goes a long way in warding off unnecessary hassles for local small business owners.

Now, you must be thinking how to obtain unmatched payroll services near me? Well, we are here to help you navigate the rough waters of payroll processing completion seamlessly!

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Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions is a reputable name in the payroll services Brainerd lakes area, committed to streamlining all of your financial tasks with your small business payroll. We believe that there is a better way to handle your business’ payroll accounting period. A cost-effective, efficient way where your burden is reduced rather than increased when it is to run payroll. We are passionate about it, and our primary objective is to offer you payroll solutions that can give you peace of mind.

As an established payroll services provider for (10) years in the twin cities, we at Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions are deeply familiar with the ups and downs of payroll companies. From the management of tax statements to the assessment of salaries and from onboarding to the fringe benefits, our professional experts take a birds-eye-view of everything and ensure that your company in Minneapolis stays ahead of the curve. With us, be assured that you are in safe hands!

The Challenge

As the businesses evolve at rapid paces in Minneapolis and Brainerd, so does the payroll and hr. (human recourses) management for your employee compensation demands. Companies are struggling with complicated organizational challenges, while the operational cost of efficient payroll management providers is growing exponentially.

Most importantly, lowering state and federal taxes has become a major pain point for small businesses as most of them do not know how to withhold the personal taxes for when you pay employees. And when companies do seek professional accounting and payroll services Minneapolis, the expenses are unbelievably high!

Our Solution 

To help your company remain competitive and thrive, Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions targets the key areas: compliance, morale of employees, financial stability, and customer support. From maintaining the financial integrity of your company and evaluating employees’ performance all the way to simplifying bookkeeping and saving your time and cost, all our cutting-edge solutions will put your company on the roadmap to success. We can help you with:



Whether your employees are on-site or working from a remote place, our timekeeping solutions will ensure that they get paid for what they work.

Salary Format 

With our flexible salary formats, you will be able to pay on hourly, weekly, and monthly basis.

Automatic Tax Administration 

From calculating liabilities and paying the taxes to claiming tax incentives and automating the paychecks, we will furnish everything smoothly.


Our high-end compensation strategies not only compensate the deserving employees but also boost their morale.

HR Services 

We offer HR analytics and services that move the needle. With us, you can maintain employees’ records and access the critical reports in seconds.

So, do not wait and get ready to supersede your competitors with our unrivaled payroll services. Undoubtedly, we are worth it!

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