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There are many reasons that we write blogs about our services. The main reason for our blogs is to reach out to our local consumers that may be looking for answers to question about their accounting tax refund or tax preparation and we like to post to our local community to help answer any questions they may have, while also introducing ourselves to them in a very casual simple way with no expectation of the reader in a small town or metropolitan area.

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The main purpose of our blogs is to inform and connect relevant information to the audience that is seeking answers or looking for a service provider like us. Maybe someone is seeking accounting software advice about their personal or business financial transactions. Through our blogs we hope our community sees our post about Accounting services, Bookkeeping, or Tax Preparation in a positive way to help improve their level of satisfaction with our services.

Balance Sheet

Blogging about accounts payable, payroll, and accounts receivables helps us reach others that are seeking information about record transactions, income taxes, and state tax laws in the Brainerd Lakes Area or in Minneapolis metro area, either way the point is that we feel like our blog helps interact with our community individuals and business owners with their financial statements, income statement and any bank account questions that may need answers.
We see the potential to reach more of our community by blogging about specific topics that our customers have frequently asked questions about or comments that we have received by website form or emails. We like when we post our blog that our customers and others can reach us on the same page by leaving comments or questions.

Social Media Connection

Blogging can help us get our name and service out on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest which can really help our business get exposed by new individuals and businesses that could be looking for our accounting services, tax preparation and payroll services or Paul Bunyan you never know.
We enjoy the impact of sending out informative blog post to clear things up for a confused customer, because chances are if one person is asking the question like “where is the nearest tax preparation office near me”? There are probably more in the Brainerd Lakes Area or Minneapolis metro areas as well. These are all good effects for the use of our time we have invested toward our communities. If you like our blog please share your thought’s by phone, email, or in the comment box below. A share on social media would be even better but, we are simply happy that you spent this time with us.


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Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions provides our community information that is up to date and looking forward with the top industry’s leadership on critical issues that may affect our individual or business organizations moving through the current year. We understand that specific types of businesses are affected differently in theses uncertain times. Do not worry we love a good challenge, and our staff will fight for you to keep what you work so hard for.


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