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Owning a business and navigating the deep waters of the corporate sector is nothing short of delightful. However, this success comes with various challenges; and if not handled professionally, these challenges could have far-reaching consequences on your growth. One such challenge is tax filing. Though it is easy to prepare your personal tax returns, things become complex when it comes to handling your business tax returns. From adhering to income tax codes to outlining the sources of income and from compiling the tax files to dealing with the IRS department, there are plenty of tasks that need critical oversight.


But how to find efficient tax prep near me to ensure that your tax filing tasks are being managed professionally? Well, the most prolific and effective way to do so is to hire the tax pros of Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions, who are unbeatable in their tax preparation skills and will take the hassle out of every job. Here is what we can do for you:


Personal Tax Preparation 


At Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions, we not only prepare the personal tax files, but we also help the individuals every step of the way to save the cost. Our laser-guided approach to target your tax preparation requirements from different angles, coupled with our ability to accomplish your wealth accumulation goals, will go a long way in shaping your tax return dreams into reality. We can help the individuals with:


  • Annual income tax planning
  • Tax filing and return
  • Tax-free exchanges
  • Personal investment strategies
  • Property planning
  • Management of personal audits


Business Tax Preparation 

The corporate structure of your business in

  • Limited Liability Companies
  • General Partnerships (1065)
  • Non-Profit Entities (990)
  • C Corporations (1120)
  • S Corporations (1120S)


Tax Planning 


Some people assume that tax planning and tax preparation Bookkeeper near meare the same things. However, an evaluative study paints a completely different picture. Tax preparation is a one-time event in which you prepare and file your returns. On the other hand, a tax planning strategy is a year-long process where you obtain the expertise of professional CPAs regarding the tax code to secure long-term capital gains. At Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions, we combine experience, expertise, and dedication in one place, making it easy to maximize deductions, reap tax benefits, and offset investment gains. Our adept CPAs will leave no stone unturned to meet your tax planning goals. We will:


  • Analyze tax-saving strategies
  • Read the entire tax code
  • Form tax-effective structures
  • Ensure tax compliance


Tax Advisory and Consultancy 


We at Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions are known for offering round the clock tax consultancy services for the business operating in Minneapolis. We not only solidify your business’ credibility with tax authorities but also keep a solid check on the ever-changing tax regulations, thus making it easy for you to accomplish the financial goals. Whether you want a coherent tax plan, intend to simplify the tax management of your company, aspire to minimize tax liability, or just need one-on-one consultation for your tax refund issues, you can confidently count on our professional guidance. What Document Do We Need?


Providing us with all the necessary information will help our accountants better prepare your tax plan. Generally, we need the following things from you:


  • Income Statements
  • Expenses of Your business
  • COGS (Cost to Provide Goods)
  • Receipts of Transactions


Why Choose Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions?


Our ability to efficiently prepare tax returns, coupled with our experience in managing the complicated tax issues of the business’ income, has earned us a reputation as the leading tax professional preparation service provider in Minneapolis. We are trustworthy, and the success stories of hundreds of businesses bear witness to our prestigious reputation. Here are some salient features of our tax services that will compel you to try us:




Let’s face it. You cannot go to a tax preparation agency that puts a strain on your business’ finances and still delivers no tangible results. Instead, you should prefer a cost-effective tax service provider that can enable you to save a ton of money. At Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions, our personal information goes the extra mile to furnish your tax plans in the most inexpensive way. We are fully aware of the state tax rules and will identify the possibilities of deductions to reduce the upfront cost. With us, huge savings are guaranteed!


No Risks 


Working with Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions means that there would be no error in filing your federal tax returns, nor will there be any risk of inaccurate online tax audit. Our certified accountants are rigorously trained to ensure that you experience impeccable tax management services.


Exceptional Customer Care 


Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions prides itself on offering client-centric and vigilant customer support. We are here –day in, day out –to weed you through the shooting pain of tax refund management. We will move our schedule around yours to keep all the hassles at bay. You should come to us immediately if you are fed up with the hectic tax planning process and want to revolutionize your company’s tax management system. We know that you will be pleasantly surprised!


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