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There is a reason why Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions has been offering best book keeping, accounting and cash flow management services in the Brainerd Lakes Area for many years.

Our tax professionals can save you time and money by ensuring you receive maximum tax rebate as possible by completing your tax forms properly and timely. With our help we will make sure that you pay only what’s required or less. Our years of experience in small business book keeping gives us insight into how to reduce expenses and claim credits to get the biggest refund legally possible. We can work with all businesses – even start ups.

If filing your own taxes might be overwhelming, don’t panic; take advantage of our tax preparation services . You could be missing deductions or credits. Our expert tax professionals will file your taxes for you, so you pay the minimum amount of tax legally required.

By contacting Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions you are welcome to ask questions about how our book keeping services work. You can be sure that all of our services are secure, confidential and cost-effective. We promise not to share any information with outside parties without your consent.

We apply advanced security practices to protect your data and privacy; we will take care of organizing your Small business book keeping records to allow quick access when needed; we will show you where expenses could fall short to maximize savings and returns; we provide monthly financial statements that include income/expense details and fund flow projections; we run custom reports as needed (i.e cash flow); we provide support for tax planning and business consulting; you will have the chance to see what your business really needs before buying anything; we offer mailing, faxing, emailing services along with in person drop offs at our office in Brainerd Lakes Area.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new business or an established one – Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions can help you to prosper by offering all of our book keeping services in Minneapolis . Our team is up-to-date with the latest technologies, so you won’t hire obsolete firm that uses old methods. All reports can be customized according to your needs.

When managing your accounts it’s easy to get lost or miss something important when dealing with numerous transactions. That’s why you should hire our accounting services in the Brainerd Lakes Area . Our book keeping professionals will keep your accounts in order and provide reports when needed so you have a clear picture of your financial situation at all times.

Double entry accounting is a system used by accountants to ensure that no transaction goes undocumented. The two entries are debits and credits for every operation done in your books . Debit represents an increase whereas credit is decrease each time something happens. When it comes to Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions we use the most up-to-date double entry accounting system, providing accurate results every time.


Business Tax Preparation 

Tax filing season is here and professional tax preparation services in the Brainerd Lakes Area are ready to help you efficiently and effectively file your business taxes. Business owners need to take advantage of the many tax deductions and credits available to them when they file their business taxes.

The following list provides all of the year round work we do in order to prepare our clients’ tax returns:

1.   Preparing all new client paperwork

2.   Updating address, phone number & email information on active accounts

3.   Filing 1099-MISC forms for subcontractors or self-employed individuals that were not issued a W-9 form on file with us during the year

4.    Preparing any amended returns for the last three years

5.    Preparing estimated tax filings for the current year, if applicable

6.    Completing all forms necessary to file the following business returns:

Corporations (1120)Partnerships (1065)

S Corporations (1120S) <– These are not filed with the IRS, but instead flow through to your personal tax returns at higher rates than normal income tax rates because it’s “already been taxed”, so you lose out on money that could be yours.

Non-Profit Entities (990)

7.   Ordering any necessary transcripts online to file with your return or request copies of W2s or 1099 to file with your return

8.   Printing, signing, and mailing any forms to file with your return

9.   Any other questions you have about your taxes that you’re unsure of how to handle, we will take care of for you!

Let us do the work while you focus on running your business! Our tax preparation services are extremely affordable. We also offer secure filing through our website to get your refunds faster. You can use an electronic check or charge it to a major credit card (Amex, Discover, Mastercard & Visa). We look forward to helping make this tax season easier for you!

*Hourly rate is subject to change based on each client’s unique situation. Please contact us for more information.

Call us at 218-270-3007 to schedule an appointment today!


Tax Planning 

Imagine you just finished your tax preparation and discovered that because of the way you prepared it, there’s a discrepancy with what you owe and what was calculated. It’s not the end of the world by any means, but for some people it can be a frustrating experience especially if they’ve never had to file taxes before

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Before you get started:

-Allocate time:  Tax season is when most employers are accepting their annual W2s.  It’s important to know when these are typically received in order to prepare accordingly. Balancing your tax return must be done on or before April 15th every year in order to avoid penalties from the IRS. If your personal circumstances require an extension then this deadline will change to October 15th.

-Let someone knowledgeable do the work:  The tax code is extensive and confusing, which means errors are often made. It’s important to seek out tax preparation services in order to secure the most comprehensive returns possible. If you lack experience or knowledge in taxation then it’s best to let professionals handle this for you.


Tax Advisory and Consultancy 

Tax preparation is of utter importance for people and companies, either big or small. Small businesses operating in the Brainerd Lakes area have a lot to gain from tax planning. Taxation is a complicated process that entails many aspects determining the final tax liability. Not only does it require knowledge of basic principles but also the understanding of recent amendments and updates regarding taxation laws; all this makes tax management quite challenging.

Tax Strategy

Planning an appropriate tax strategy can make your business more profitable by cutting down on taxes and increasing net income . If you own a local retail store in Brainerd Lakes, our team at Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions can help you identify which deductions will benefit your business the most through thorough analysis based on accurate data and documentation.

Tax Deductions

Businesses operating in Brainerd Lakes can make substantial savings by making optimum use of tax deductions, tax reliefs and other loopholes. We at Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions understand that filing taxes is enough to make you cringe; there are businesses that often tend to overlook the importance of getting professional advice when it comes to tax returns preparation. As an alternative for such businesses, we offer round-the-clock consultation services that provide information on recent updates about taxation laws along with the benefits associated with them. Our guidance ensures lower chances of errors , which might lead to higher costs . If you wish to avoid hefty fines levied by federal or state government due to neglecting important guidelines, get in touch with us today!

Providing us with all the necessary information will help our accountants better prepare your tax plan. Generally, we need the following things from you:

  • Income Statements
  • Expenses of Your business
  • COGS (Cost to Provide Goods)
  • Receipts of Transactions


Why Choose Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions?

If you own a small business, a non-profit organization or a sole proprietorship Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions is the right choice for your tax preparation service. We’ve been specializing in preparing taxes for many years. You can file your taxes anytime of the year with our special programs. So, what kind of services do we offer?

Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions offers preparation services throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area. We can file your taxes for you any time of the year and make sure that you receive tax rebate as possible. Our services will also include reconciliations, financial statement preparation and analysis.

As a professional bookkeeping service company in the Brainerd Lakes Area Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions provides bookkeeping, accounting or tax services to individuals, sole proprietors, small businesses, non-profits, legal professionals, manufacturing, and distribution companies as well as retail stores.

If you need a reliable Brainerd Lakes Area Tax Preparation Service, then call us at 218-270-3007 to schedule an appointment with one of our tax experts today!

Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions serves the Brainerd Lakes Area including: Baxter, Nisswa, Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point, Crosby, Emily, Graceville, Hackensack, Pelican Rapids. Ask about preparation of Minnesota state returns!

Additional information is just a click away at You can also call us at 218-270-3007 anytime because we answer the phone.



Tax planning is a year-round process, one that people should put early on their to-do list. When you start preparing for tax season, you can expect to increase your chances of getting bigger refunds and taking home more money. At the same time, you are reducing the likelihood of making costly mistakes that might result in big penalties.

At Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions, our personal information goes the extra mile to furnish your tax plans in the most inexpensive way. We are fully aware of the state tax rules and will identify the possibilities of deductions to reduce the upfront cost. With us, huge savings are guaranteed!

There’s no need for our customers in Brainerd Lakes Area to walk into a brick building when filing their tax returns. We offer comprehensive services in which we file and provide information electronically. This is to ensure that all your data remains secure and you will only deal with us, not the IRS or any other government agency.

We hope that this article has helped you realize that investing in a tax service can be cost-effective. If you’re interested, please give us a call!


No Risks 

Working with Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions means that there would be no error in filing your federal tax returns, nor will there be any risk of inaccurate online tax audit. Our certified accountants are rigorously trained to ensure that you experience impeccable tax management services.


Exceptional Customer Care 

Tax preparation services are gaining momentum. It is important that you submit your taxes by the deadline this year, or else there will be some negative repercussions. You can have peace of mind when it comes to your tax returns with help from the professionals at Bookkeeping and Billing Solutions for all your tax preparation services Brainerd Lakes Area .


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